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Life Support Training

Call today for your training and AED needs!


Being prepared when emergency situations occur can save the lives of those you love and provide a valuable service to your community. Life Support Training is about providing our customers with the information and equipment that they will need in the event of such an emergency. We focus not only on offering the highest-quality automated external defibrillators and other lifesaving equipment but on training those who are interested in their proper use and making sure that they are prepared to implement the safety procedures necessary when the time comes.

Physio Control LifePak CR+


The Physio Control LifePak CR+ AED is ideal for any organization that's implementing an AED Program. It has a low-cost of maintenece with the electrode pads and CHARGE-PAK battery have the same expiration date. The LifePak CR+ is simple to use and offers the semi-automatic and fully automatic version. The LifePak CR+ has a visual readiness display that lets the responder know this AED is ready, willing and able.

Physio Control LifePak 1000


The Physio Control LifePak 1000 is the most recent AED from PhysioControl and offers a host of desireable features. It owns an IP rating of 55 and is the most rugged AED ever made by the manufacturer (previously Medtronic).

The LifePark 1000 is intended for EMT's, clinicians, first responders, police and fire units, and medical organizations. It's has an advanced design but remains easy to use. At its core, it uses ADAPTIV biphasic waveform technology with escalating energy settings raning from 200J to 300J to 360J. An oversized screen displays EKG readings and visual prompts. Another benefit for medical practices is the unit's cprMAX technology, which allows changed protocols as practices in the health field change. Of course, plenty of power comes in a non-rechargeable battery that can produce more than 425 shocks.